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Flyable wind direction: NW

Location: Pearisburg, VA

Launch type: FL steep and wide slope launch

Rating Requirements: H3, P3 or H2/P2 with experienced local mentor

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Wind Aloft


Post-flight reports


Hope you enjoy this short slide show!



Here is what happened so was a pretty good day, post frontal.  It was sun and clouds.  It was solid ridge lift about 300-500 over most of the time today.  Blowing in 12 on launch, a little left cross.  Couple broken thermals to attempt turning in.  The excitement started with a big mean cloud with cloud suck...and suck it did.  The ground got smaller and smaller and my pucker factor said get out of this.  I ran to the right of launch to get the hell away.  After I landed it did get calmer.  About 6:30 the wind in the lz died down.  Jochen, probably you left just a little too soon, but you never know.  Although I wasn't on top, by the feel of the lz it was calming significantly by 6:30.  Tuesday is looking doable...take it day by day!  Aron

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