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Flying Opportunities Bulletin Board - East Coast


Who is ready to go flying somewhere?

Several flying friends got together to build this website.  We were H2s and H3s expressing our own frustration that it was hard to progress in hang gliding because there were not enough flying opportunities when we had off work, and there were hardly any Observers available.  It turns out there are lots of opportunities if you know where they are and can travel a little to chase them...but aaahhh the weather obstacle....the right wind.  Well, we tried to solve that issue too, see the Flying Sites Tab and use the "48 Hour Wind Forecast".  But as time went on we eventually got our fill, have progressed some in our flying and our ratings.  The new sites challenged us.  We learned from the locals.  We made friends.  We still value road trips because we get to enjoy meeting other pilots, seeing new scenery and catching up with flying friends we have not seen in a while.


This list is not comprehensive.  It is simply some ideas of things some regional pilots are considering doing this fall.

If you are having some event or fly-in at your club, please let us know at the Soaring Road Trip.

-Pilots, and interested people who want to fly can call me (Aron) at FL1-FLY-SOAR if interested in going flying or talking flying, sites, events, etc. -We sincerely welcome you!

The plan is to contact the clubs we have never flown with ahead of time and join up and find out what the protocols are.  Of course all the ideas listed below (besides the actual fly-ins) are weather dependent and may switch around as far as dates go.


-Henson Gap TN / Lookout Mountain GA - May 9 - May 13 no specific event just going to camp and fly.

-Kitty Hawk Kites NC "Hang Gliding Spectacular"  May 16 - May 19

-Hyner Club PA - Memorial Day Weekend Fly-In May 23-27

-Utsayantha (Uts) NY / Ellenville NY -no specific event just going to camp and fly June 2024

-Talcott CT / West Rutland VT / Mount Washington/ Morningside NH in the Northeast Kingdom area -no specific event just going to camp and fly June 2024

-Hyner Club PA - Independence Day Weekend Fly-In July 3-July 8

-Capital Club / Pulpit  / Woodstock -  July

-Mountaineers - High Point / Zirk's - July

-Hyner Club PA - Flip Flop Fly-In August 2 - August 5

-High Rock MD - August


-Hyner Club PA - Labor Day Weekend -In August 29 - September 2

-Hyner Club PA - Ox Roast and Fall Foliage Weekend Fly-In October 11- October 14

-Sky Pirates VA / Big Walker Mtn -  Fly-In September (Will post when dates are decided)

-Skywackers Eagle Rock VA fly-in October (Will post when dates are decided)


-Lookout Mountain GA / Henson Gap TN - October 25 - November 8

-Paradise Airsports - Groveland FL -December 2024 / January 2025


Any more ideas out there???

Check these online forums to see where and when pilots are planning to fly in their region.

Support the clubs by being a member!  Your club membership keeps our sport alive.

Note: you need to request membership to Hyner to view their Google group conversations

If your club's group communication method is not represented here and you want it to be, please call the pilot number above, thanks.

Rochester Area Flyers Google group

Upstate New York Free Flyers Google group

Hyner Club Google Group

Ellenville Facebook page

Hudson Valley Free Flyers forum

Soar Big Walker Google group

Skywackers Google group

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