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How to use this site

This website was designed so that hang glider and paraglider pilots don't miss any flying opportunities in the North East region.  It aims to make it easy to identify what flying sites are near your location, which sites may be flyable in the next 48 hours and possibly the next 10 days, and who else is planning to fly the same sites.  If nobody has made plans to fly the site you are interested in, you can contact the club and make arrangements and get information. We have included camping and hotel / motel locations near the flying sites in case you plan to fly regions outside your homesite.

We recommend that you:

1. Open the flying site index on your mobile phone, and use your browser's settings menu to ADD TO YOUR HOME SCREEN.  This will put the Flying Sites index page on your mobile phone for easy access.

2. Use the overview map to find flying sites near you, or in regions outside your homesite.

3. Use the 48 Hour live wind forecast to see a spreadsheet of which sites have a wind direction favorable for launching for the next 48 hours.

4. We are modifying this website as we speak to eliminate the SEE FLYING ALERTS and SEND FLYING ALERTS.  this was a failed experiment.  We have found that flying clubs have their own preference for group communications.  It is best to just join a club's forum to get in touch about flying.  Sometimes just good person to person communication works best once you find out who to talk to a a given club!


5. After you fly a site and only if you want to you can get ahold of us with your flight report and a video link.  As time permits we could add your flight report and video link to this website for future reference by others.

Tell your pilot friends about this website.  The more pilots who use this site, the easier it will be to find buddies you can go to launch and fly with.  Buddy rides are always easier than hiking back to launch!

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