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This page is dedicated to the memory of Ron Kittredge who inspired us to fly more, fly higher, fly longer. We miss you Ron.

USHPA Observers are heroes of this sport in our opinion.  When you come out of training you get rated as an H2 or P2 pilot, but that is not your ticket to fly sites on your own, or even with other experienced pilots who are not technically USHPA Observers.  Most of our road trip crew has come up though the ranks to H3, but we are planning on including our H2 friends on this trip, and future flying trips to help them progress.  It’s a catch 22.  If you can t fly you can’t progress, if your not rated H3 you can’t fly without a USHPA Observer at most sites.

So we need more Observers to share the responsibility of bringing newer pilots out of the H2 / P2 chasm of despair.

For road trips it would be ideal if we had multiple observers actually on the trip so some could be “off duty” and fly without concern.

This is under construction:

We will have to identify observers in each club we intend to fly at and list them here for easy reference.

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