Flyable wind direction S (190)

Launch MSL

  • 1280 ft (600 AGL)

Glide to LZ

  • Primary 7.5 : 1

  • Secondary 15 : 1

Location  Bethel PA

Launch type

  • FL steep slope grass, small hike-in

  • even with double surface glider, launch only if soarable

Rating Requirements

  • H3 double surface only

  • no PG

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Post-flight reports


What a blast today at 501 Bethel
Yes we flew; Alan B.and I..
Pretty much strait in about 15 mph on launch, with a little switching back and forth and a little gusty with thermals rolling in.
Launched an went up immediately.
Flew over 1.5 hours. Stayed up found lift lines and got over 750 ft over launch.
A little rough at first then smoothed out and was nice. Glider flies better now with the adjustment to quote Bill Waters "power steering" Landed just before sun down.
Enjoying my favorite IPA at home now.
Miss you all
Will H


Interesting day at 501 it was crossing from the SE most of the time. Then straight in cycles would come in for a few minutes. I launched at 5:00 PM into a straight in and building cycle. Got 200' over quickly in ridge lift, caught a thermal that took me up to 2000' over launch. After that it turned SE again and I went out and landed 24 minutes. Later at 7:00 when I went to pick up my wind streamer it was blowing mostly straight in at 8-12 MPH. Looked like ridge soaring would have been easy.

Allan B


Once again 501 is soarable on a weekend and where are the pilots? It was cloudy with only light ridge lift with some weak thermals. I got 45 minutes before it looked like rain was moving in so I landed. Could have dodged the rain for awhile longer.

Allan B.


Once again 501 delivers. Wind was a bit strong but not too turbulent. I launched around 7:00 and flew for an hour in mostly ridge lift. GPS tracking indicated SSW from 13 to 19 MPH

Allan B.


Yesterday at 501 was a hot one!  Sticky as if maple syrup was drizzled on us during glider setup.
Jim C. went first at around 5:15.  The air was a bit rough so Romano waited a bit and probably launched around 6:15?  Aron  launched around 6:45
Jim and Romano got up pretty high say 1000 over??
Aron was around 600 over bobbing back and forth between 500 and 600 over for most of the flight.
There were even a few raindrops as Aron made the long run over the sea of trees to the lz for the first time.
The landing situation got really interesting as Romano was just a few seconds ahead of Aron getting set up for final approach.  Horses in the field added a little more panic.
Both down safely Aron realized the VG was still full-on having been nervous about making the lz and really blew the landing checklist!  Can't belive we didn't get any horse pucky on us since there were piles everywhere.
Bacil, Bob B. and Julie were the support crew - a big thanks to you!  Also thanks Doug, Joe & Karen for the phone call and info about flying 501.
Another neat part of the evening was that we met several Appalachian Trail through hikers who were delighted to pop into the launch clearing off the trail to see us set up and fly.
Aron stopped and said hello to Judy at the horse farm and say what a joy it was to fly there and to thank her for letting us land there.
Let's fly soon!


Will and I got to soar 501 Saturday 24 July.  I launched at 4:00 and flew for 1 hour 45 minutes. The thermals were not very good, only got to 1400' over launch. However the ridge lift was very solid. I flew down to route 645 a couple of times and up past the knob to the left of 501. We both had good launches and landings. Here is my track: https://ayvri.com/scene/0jgrreyeko/ckrj74ikl00011w69njg9zyn1

Allan B


Learned Something Yesterday:

That was an experience flying 501 for the second time ever!
Allan had a good call to try 501 Saturday...  Thanks Allan!
I decided to go and take the Liberty 158 even with my love hate relationship with that great glider. (harder for me to land).
Earlier Bob Beck called me back and said he would estimate a 300 over day, soaring not a given, but maybe if you work it...that was spot on. Thanks Bob!
For me launching last I was inspired by seeing 3 pilots get up...but did I wait too long to go??
Getting up in ridge lift was not a given because it was light wind, but there was enough.
I turned left out of the slot and scratched along, very smooth air allowed me to keep my left wing pretty close to the trees at times say 10 feet vertically and  15 feet horizontal was the closest to the trees I'd estimate.  I watched my left wing pretty closely and was ready to dive away if needed.
It took like 4 long passes back and forth doing this till I got to about 100 over.  Then I could relax and enjoy a bit and try for more gains.  I think the best gain was short-lived at around 280 over.  Most of the time I was boating around 150-250 over.
I practiced something Allan had told me to the best of my ability to make my dogbone turns only in lift...I did that and it worked for the most part if I started my turn where the lift was felt and visually there were leaves of the trees swirling below.
After up say 100 over I put on my vg to full and played around with that trying to put it on for sink and off for lift areas...that was tedious since lift lasted 3 seconds and sink 3 seconds as I crabbed the ridge.  Eventually I left the vg full on and just eased the bar out for lift, and a slight push out for lift areas.  Pulling in for sink or anything feeling turbulent.
Spinner didn't get to come today with some family obligations...but we talked before the flight today as a continuation of a conversation we started at Hyner about "believing in the lift"  the lift is out there and you have to keep positive about finding it or you will go land prematurely.  Repeating that phrase whenever the lift was fading and moving somewhere else to get more lift and watching the vario add a few feet back to the altitude bank was encouraging.
After about having enough anyway conditions seemed to weaken and I was getting down to launch level, I worked to get 50 ft over again then headed out to land with full vg on. Once knowing the field was made the vg was released.  I had enough altitude for a steep slipping 360 and was still a little high on final but had to bring it in.  I used the trick Jim C.  told me about...to stick a foot in the harness boot and pull it forward on final for added drag.
The landing was nothing spectacular...but safely on the feet with minimal jarring to the landing gear!  I loved the Liberty on this flight!
I got to watch Allan's beautiful landing approach and it was a much better than what I did... and a sane way to land there...I'll try that next time to do my downwind along/ inside the tree line of the horse field.
It was really great flying with you guys!  Thanks for being positive about flying!
Thanks Julie for helping us out on launch and all.
Let's fly soon!


Will and I got to soar 501 for over an hour today after the rain. Nice air.

Allan B.


Aron and I did some trimming at 501 then I flew for an hour and half. It was mostly cloudy but the ridge lift was very consistent with some weak thermals.

I flew east up the ridge for around 5 miles and back. Fun flight. Thanks to Aron for helping me.

Here is the track: https://ayvri.com/scene/0jgrreyeko/ckw8gx10b00011w694hqgrqm7

Allan B.


Today we (Alan and myself) flew 501
Launched around 3 and flew for an hour. 1300-1400 ft over launch with thermals.
Good launches and landings. Three trees on left side were cut and got to see Joe G.
Will H