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Flyable wind direction E

Location North of Breezewood PA

Launch type

  • FL grassy slope

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Wind Aloft


Post Flight Reports


I got to Bills Hill about 12:00 27 May and it was blowing in lightly. No other pilots were there yet. So I did a little trimming to make a run way for my hang glider. Soon after that Tom, Richard and Josh arrived. They started to slowly get there equipment ready. I waited until they launched to start setting up. They all launched and got up without any problems. After setting up Scott, Roger and Bruce showed up. We dropped Roger's car and my truck down by the landing field. After getting back up to launch Scott and Roger launched and got up. Bruce lunched in a sink cycle and landed. I launched around 3:00 in a building cycle 5-8 MPH wind. In 4 to 5 steps I was off and going straight out clearing the trees with about 20'. I had to work a bit to get up but soon found a thermal and got over 1000' over launch. I ended up with a flight over 2 hours and 6200' MSL. So if you have good solid launching skills it is possible to fly a hang glider from Bills Hill. The field that had hay bales yesterday, was clear today.  Allan B.


I flew Bills Hill today and it was E to ENE 6-13 MPG. I flew for an hour and it was still working. Got up to 5250' MSL. Yesterday I flew it for over 2 hours and got up to 6200' MSL. Bills Hill faces ESE.  Allan B.

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