Flyable wind direction WSW W WNW

Launch MSL

  • 1900 ft (900 AGL)

Glide to LZ  2.9 : 1

Location South Bristol, NY

Launch type

  • FL gentle slope slot

Rating Requirements

  • H3 P3

  • H2 P2 require direct supervision by H3/P3 or higher familiar with site.

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Post-flight reports


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  The wind was less than predicted.  Light lifty cycles enticing us to launch.  Karl went first and got high enough to see the lake. I went second and enjoyed my sled run. Although it didn't feel cold at launch, once in the air that changed rapidly.  We launched at 2:30 and conditions were already deteriorating. If we had been there earlier I think we could have had longer flights. But given how painful Karl's fingers were after landing he didn't really mind.  Nice to be out, though!


Showed up, setup, and flew ...
We lucked out and hit the window, then both sunk out after about 45 minutes.
Great lift but a little rowdy.

Rob Skinner and Chris Toomey


Todd, Moritz, Karl and I flew in a wonder.  Flight times ranged from 10 to 70 minutes, altitudes from 0 to 1300 ft ATO. Todd had his first real soaring flight of about half an hour.  Karl, as usual, had the flight of the day.  Katrin enjoyed the warm air and the view.  Moritz made sure that Todd had a safe launch and by the time he got to launch himself the wonder fizzled out. We probably should have been there earlier.  Bob showed up as well, served as a driver and surprised us with a gourmet dinner in the LZ.  Thank You, Bob! 

Katrin P.