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Flyable wind direction  SW

Launch MSL

  • 1524 ft (600 AGL)

Glide to LZ  3.4 : 1​

Location North Dansville, NY

Launch type

  • FSL

Rating Requirements

  • H3 P3

  • H2 P2 require direct supervision by H3/P3 familiar with site​

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Winds Aloft



Post-flight reports


Out of flight desperation I had to roll north and was flying today in Dansville NY, a SW ridge, what a nice site that is...a little intimidating at first and a 600 ft hill.  The launch is a long gentle slope like the dunes...I worried about making it over the trees at the end of the slot.  The wind turned on about 2pm.  Saw a couple other pilots do it first.  Wind was blowing about 10, no worries once in the air since the lift was strong and zoomed right up and out.  The main LZ was huge.  I'm not sure how long the flight was probably around 45min.  The town of Dansville is out front of and off to the right of launch and seemed to be a thermal generator.


Rob S.and Bob S. went to Dansville. Bob had a sledder (PG). Rob set up his Freedom HG, but did not fly. The winds were light and, at times, crossed.  We met the LZ Owner  (Dawn). She was very friendly and said that she and her family enjoyed seeing us fly. She encouraged us not to park on the street,  but rather in front of the gate at the edge of the LZ. (They have another way out.)