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Flyable wind direction  W (280)

Launch MSL

  • 1700 ft (900 AGL)

Glide to LZ

  • Primary 6.5 :1

  • Secondary 8.5 :1

Location  Elizabethville PA

Launch type

  • FL grassy slope

  • dirt road, small hike-in

  • LZ is distant and not in view, launch only if soarable

Rating Requirements

  • H2 with observer

  • P3

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Winds aloft


Post-flight reports


Allan B: ...My flight was nice I got about 1100' over launch. I was a bit uncomfortable with the wind speed though, my vario was showing 20 Mph from the WNW. Not much forward speed with that much wind.


Forecast was for wnw winds steering around to the wsw toward sunset, and that is about what it did. It was actually strong when we arrived, but by the time I got set up, it lightened up and straightened up. Launched into a straight 10, it wasn't ridgeable, but the thermals were there to get you up and over the ridge a few hundred feet.. We got there late, so I didn't launch till after 6. Floated around for a bit, then headed out to land at the winery. Nice landing it a light 90 cross from the west. Natalie was down in about 15 minutes. We enjoyed a nice evening sunset with some salmon dip and beers on the tailgate. Had some company from Dave and Sue from up the street. Was a nice evening , thanks Natalie for all your help.