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Flyable wind direction  W NW N

Launch MSL

  • 1380 ft (1040 AGL)

Glide to LZ  4:1


Launch type

  • FL grassy slope

  • road ramp launch on Rt 52

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

  • Ellenville is a H3 P4 site

To fly this site contact

Talk to Tony about camping at the LZ

Accommodations nearby


HVFF Windtalker





Winds aloft


Post-flight reports

1/8/21 John Morse flying

1/10/21 Rick Fitzpatrick launching Nick Richmond:

1/30/21 Winter soarable air

2/10/21 John Morse flying in winter

2/14/21 Winter sledders from the road ramp

2/17/21 David Paradis launching from the road ramp

2/20/21 Was not a good day for flying

2/21/21 Sunday ramp party

3/7/21 Winter soarable day at the road ramp

3/20/21 First day of Spring in Ellenville

3/28/21 Mike and Paco

4/3/21  Spring thermal climbs to 7K

4/6/21 Jane flying her Blade


Practice laps


Sleds plus Tim and David become new H3 pilots


Marc Pelberg (PG): Ellenville to Northampton MA

Ed's Sled

Ricardo's challenging flights

Rick Fitzpatrick's description of the day

5/6/21 Mid-week evening soaring

5/10/21 Rick Fitzpatrick, Tom Galvin and Ryan Voight


Thursday 8/18 Dan, Amy, and I went to Ellenville. This was my first time at E-ville in years.  Forecast 3000' winds were 295 @ 15 mph. There were at least a dozen or more HG's there.  There were some occasional isolated rain clouds to the N but the big problem to me was the blue hole over the Ellenville area.  This finally started to fill in a little before 4 pm, so I launched 1st, scratched for maybe 15 minutes, then some lifty air arrived and I was able to get to the higher parts of the hill as two other HG's launched into the good air. I found a decent climb and took it way back to 6900' before coming back to the ridge.  By now there were some nice dark clouds N of launch and I managed to hook into a rocketship climb under one.  That was fun! It was also a beautiful scene with the clouds dropping rain to the N and E and sun interspersed making partial rainbows.  I used the altitude to cross the valley, then returned to a cloud over the ridge S of launch for one last climb before crossing the valley a second time, cruising back to launch, and going to land a little before 6 pm.  Winds were light N by then and not soarable. Only I and the other two HG's flew (Wilhad was one of them).  David K.

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