Flyable wind direction  NW N

Launch MSL

  • 1760 ft (850 AGL)

Glide to LZ  7.2 : 1​

Location  Bath, NY

Launch type

  • FL Slot

Rating Requirements

  • H3 P3

  • H2 P2 require direct supervision by H3/P3 familiar with site​

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Post-flight reports


t was a good day, especially for Dave Perin.

I couldn't seem to break 1000' over, but Dave got 2.

Not a ton of thermal action, but decent lift lines (and not the annoying lift lines like at Bristol Mountain) 

We all flew for about an hour then top landed back by the barn.


Rob Skinner

Well it turned out to be a beautiful January day in Hammondsport.  Rob, Mark D, and Dave P were rewarded with their first soaring flights of the year.  All flew for over an hour.  Dave was skyking with about 2000 ft over launch.  Karl and Katrin came out to show support.  I ended up not flying due to “ technical difficulties “.   Hoping for a few more days like today this winter........Chris


Tim L and I flew Hammondsport today.  Conditions were a little strong and gusty.   Tim was off first, and was immediately 500-600 above launch.  I launched next.  There was abundant thermals and strong lift.  I managed a max altitude of 3400 ft. ATO.  I could have climbed higher , but was concerned about the drift and making it back to the LZ.  (We didn’t assess the top fields for landings.)   Twice I came into land , but hooked thermals over the LZ that took me to 2500 ATO.  The third time I had had enough, and landed in rowdy conditions behind the church.  Tim had landed earlier having had his fill of the rough air.  I believe Leo stopped out , but opted not to fly.   It actually turned out to be a great day.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday!  Perhaps this will start a new tradition.    Chris


Nothing quite as fabulous at Hammondsport yesterday.  John and Bill did some parawaiting after noon. Karl arrived after 3pm. I was the last to roll in at 4:30 pm:). Periods of high gust factors delayed flying until about 6pm.

Karl, Bill, and Jim flew. Launching in that order. Karl was top, Bill following, and I was the newbie PG pilot trying to stay in fairly small thermals with some ridge lift. We never got a real wonder. Flights ranged from 38 minutes (me) and Bill and Carl in the 60+ minutes.

Solicited advice to me was to use more weight shift and less brakes, and maintain your 360 including that downwind turn. I also just realized that Bill was watching and following Karl, which is in my next flight plan. Regarding transitioning into PG. This was certainly the most challenging flight for me. First time launching from an actual slot and landing in something less than a football field :). I also just realized that I don't feel that comfortable in my harness and that there are all sorts of adjustments that I can make!

I'm booked for Columbia with Eagle for week 2. I expect to return capable of reasonable cross country flights, even in our area of lots or trees!

Jim Black