Flyable wind direction NW (315)

Launch MSL

  • 1650 ft (750 AGL)

Glide to LZ 4:1​

Location  Elmira, NY

Launch type

  • FL moderate slope grassy slot

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Post Flight reports

Dec 29, 2020, 8:13:47 PM

Landing flag planted in the lz, no snow there, nice frozen green turf.

The road up was ok at first, welcoming us up.  Well that turned sour at about where that metal culvert crosses the road.  Treacherous!  I thought if I kept the speed up I could make it...no way!  It was basically a sheet of ice on the first uphill.  Truck stopped and slid sideways with front end sliding sideways, then backing up it turned into a J-turn with the front end sliding downhill, aha, that was actually good. Parked and unloaded glider and the fixings.  Julie and I carried the glider and all the gear up at once taking a few breaks on the way.

The tower was called.  The flight began about 3:30 and ended about 4:15.  At 2:30 it was still blowing hard...freight trains in the trees.  So just waited a bit and things calmed down.  Julie launched me and it was about a 3 or 4 stepper.

It was partly sunny and some thermal activity, but mostly ridge lift.  I was really happy to get a chance to experiment more with my NW Liberty 158.  I'm getting more comfortable with it after this 3rd flight ever...it handles so much differently than my Sting 175.  Love the Liberty! The day today was much like the last time we flew Harris like 3 weeks ago...at first you questioned why you came, but then it turned nice!

Ended up with 45 minutes and about 725 over launch...still soarable on deciding to land...I was cold and didn't want the FAA after me.   Safe launch and landing.

A friend from Hyner, Steve VanEerden hiked up to Hyner launch the other day with his PG in like 30 inches of snow, that was a big encouragement to push on to do today's little hike to launch with the HG (of course I had a great crew with Julie assisting!).

Tower was called upon landing.

As we were packing up the full moon started creeping up above the mountain.

Let's fly soon!



While heading over to plant the wind flag in the lz, I got a charlie horse cramp from high stepping the deep snow along the access road...but out in the lz itself there was only 2-4 inches with little bare spots.

It turned into a winter expedition to get uptop.  Bob came over and brought a shovel and sled.  Julie was along also and we had a sled.  The snow on the road up was much deeper say 10" and ice crusted...deeper in drifted areas .  At first it was a fiasco trying to use a boat sled to carry the glider, but after a few attempts we figured out how to bungee it on there on top of a foam pad... and try to evenly pull it with a long rope...still it toppled over on its side a few times.

We made it uptop by 11:30, wind looked good, so setup and called the tower.

Bob shoveled the launch area.

The flight itself was quite fun...today flew the Sting 175. The air was textured with some good ridge lift and some punchy thermals and sink pockets.  47 min., about 500 over was about the best I could climb...did a few few single turn 360s and lots of dog bone ridge scratching.

The wind up higher was pretty strong so in a 360 I'd get blown back a bit then slowly penetrate back out front.

When everything is mostly white on the ground it is kind of odd and difficult to see the exact lz area from 700 ft.  There were thermals out over the lz...so once I got out there I had to circle a while.  Fortunately the landing was a non-event, no slips and falls.

Tower was called.

Big thanks to Bob and Julie for the help on the expedition.  Without the help it probably would not been possible to get a flight in.  No vehicle besides maybe a Bombi could have made it up there today.

The sled idea works, but it needs some definite refinements before the next attempt.

Spring is coming!

Let's fly soon,



Dave, Mark, Chris and I flew Harris today.   It was pretty much as expected...   Mostly West, a mix of bumps and smooth ...   Not real high, but not bad ...

All in all a good first day back after a 2 month dry spell.

It was a little muddy but not bad.

Interesting to see that when we flew (between 2 and 4), the HHSC weather station was reporting 15-20, but my instrument never registered more than 20, even 1000' over launch

Robert Skinner