Flyable wind direction N NE (015)

Launch MSL

  • 1650 ft (750 ft AGL)

Glide to LZ 4:1​

Location  Elmira, NY

Launch type

  • FL steep slope narrow slot launch above cliff like palisades

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Winds Aloft




The wonder started at 6:20 and lasted less than an hour.  It was very light. Jim B had a sledder, Karl scratched the ridge for 20 minutes and Katrin drove the car down.  Still nice to be out, though. Katrin P.


We arrived at launch at about a quarter to two. The windsock showed light winds but good cycles with a light North cross.  Katrin launched first, immediately went up and got high. Jim was next. Same result.  Karl was watching them and then got ready to follow.  Suddenly everything stopped. No wind. No lift. End of show. At 4 pm a Bald Eagle came past launch. At about 4:20 another Bald Eagle went the other way, sinking.  At 5pm Karl gave up and took his sledder. Nonetheless a nice day at the Cliffs. Landowner was called. Tower was called, before and after.  Katrin P.