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Flyable wind direction N NE (015)

Launch MSL

  • 1650 ft (750 ft AGL)

Glide to LZ 4:1​

Location  Elmira, NY

Launch type

  • FL steep slope narrow slot launch above cliff like palisades

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Winds Aloft




The wonder started at 6:20 and lasted less than an hour.  It was very light. Jim B had a sledder, Karl scratched the ridge for 20 minutes and Katrin drove the car down.  Still nice to be out, though. Katrin P.


We arrived at launch at about a quarter to two. The windsock showed light winds but good cycles with a light North cross.  Katrin launched first, immediately went up and got high. Jim was next. Same result.  Karl was watching them and then got ready to follow.  Suddenly everything stopped. No wind. No lift. End of show. At 4 pm a Bald Eagle came past launch. At about 4:20 another Bald Eagle went the other way, sinking.  At 5pm Karl gave up and took his sledder. Nonetheless a nice day at the Cliffs. Landowner was called. Tower was called, before and after.  Katrin P.


Jim, Bob, Bill, and Karl launched at about 5:45 into lots of lift and punchy thermals. We had flights in the two hour flight time and highest altitude achieved was 1600 over.
Jim and his Falcon and the rest of us PG.
We had punchy thermals at first which transitioned into a 7 PM wonder. We all flew until we had enough.

James B.


It was a nice day at the cliffs.  When we arrived around 2 it was blowing mostly straight in around 8-12 with some stronger cycles.  5 HG pilots came out .  First off at 3:30 was“ SkyKing “ Skinner, followed Dave P, Bill V, Pat M and myself.  The air was rowdy and turbulent at times with sharp, punchy thermals.  Flights ranged from 1:15 min to 2:30 min with max altitude about 3500 MSL.  Having had our fill, we all chose to land around 6 pm.  The eagles were out in force, and seemed to enjoy the day as much as we did.  Jim K observed the flying from Draht Hill……. Watching us thru binoculars.  He graciously offered Uber service back to the top for vehicle retrieves.  Beer and burgers were enjoyed at Tags after.  The flying has been good so far this season.  Get out and get some!   Chris


Dave Koehn got 47 minutes and about 700 ft ATO today.
Stated it was blowing 15-20 mph and crossed from the North.
He had an exciting take off and a good landing. Take  off was at 3:18 PM.
Was forced to land due a sink cycle.
Jim K.

I flew at IC for 46 minutes yesterday, from about 3:15-4:00.  Winds were due north and strong, around 15-20 mph (stronger than the earlier forecast).  This made it hard to climb without drifting back too much.  I was at 900' over launch in a good climb under the tail end of a street at one point but would have had to commit to going downwind, which I wasn't going to do for logistical reasons.
Jim K. was kind enough to take the time to meet me, show me the way up, and to drive my rig down and even wait until I landed. Thank you, Jim!
David K.


Karl L, Rob S, Jim F, and Bob S flew PGs in a perfect evening Wonder Wind with some glass-smooth thermals. Flight times ranged  from 1:30 - 2 hours. Everyone got at least 2,000 feet above launch. 
Thank you to Katrin for driving flyers to the launch after some brief afternoon flights so that they could fly in the Wonder.
Robert S.


Wonder wind started after 6 pm, but it wasn't all that wonderful. There was a north cross. Lift was light and not abundant. Karl had two flights with the second flight lasting  for over an hour with 800+ feet over launch.  Jim K had  groupies to watch his 25 minute HG flight with 728 feet above launch. This was his first flight at the Cliffs this season.  (Though he mowed the LZ several times.) He has plans for an interesting video of his flight. Bob S had two short flights and managed to clear up problems adjusting to his new wing. Katrin graciously provided shuttle rides.  The tower was called before and after flights. That is all.  Robert S.


Well…… you guys didn’t miss much .  When Jim and I arrived up top around 1:30 it was blowing straight in around 9-10 mph.  I was thinking I should set up my HG, but I got out my PG.  Jim quickly set up his Sport 3…… and then it turned off.  There were some light cycles, but not much base wind between.   I took a light cycle in my PG and got 15 minutes .  I got below launch and couldn’t make the LZ.  I landed in the bailout.  Jim picked me up and we headed up to wait for the wonder that never materialized.   I took a sledder and Jim broke down.   You don’t know if you don’t go.  Next time……..Chris


Hey everyone! I'm a paraglider pilot from Williamsport PA working on my P3 rating and had the pleasure of flying last Tuesday at Indian cliffs in some great late afternoon conditions. I ended up with a 90+minute flight and shared the ridge with some bald eagles and other pilots. It was my favorite flying experience so far and really wanted to share the footage with the club.  Thanks and hopefully I'll see you all on the hill!  -Clint


6 PG’s flew.  Karl, Chris, Rob, Jim, Bob and Clint.  It was probably 6-8 with gusts not much more than that.  The air was smooth with some thermals.  Might have been doable in a HG , but marginal.   Totally overcast despite forecast for sun.  Cloud base about 950 over launch.  Flights ranged from 17 minutes to over an hour.  Clint had the flight of the day.  We all chose to land..    because of cold fingers and toes.    Chris

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