Flyable wind direction SE (135)

Launch MSL

  • 1853 ft (1150 AGL)

Glide to LZ  6:1​

Location Belleville, PA

Launch type

  • FL slot, dirt

  • Launch is in front of guardrail

  • need 5 mph wind to launch

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Winds aloft



Post-flight reports

Dennis and I got  some good flying at Jack's.We launched around 5:00 into 6 to 12 straight in winds... Dennis got up right away launching into a  thermal... I took a bit longer but caught up to him  eventually...We had nice thermal action going on and I got  1650 over... Car was at lz so we had to leave the thermals... Might have gained a lot more... I had to run off my landing and  Dennis rolled in  after  an hour ten....  Might as well mention Sunday's flying... Allan B, William and I  had short (extendoes) at Jack's ...Allan got above for a minute or two....


It was a fun day at Jacks. I launched first into about 8 MPH winds out of the SE. Went right up over the ridge where the ridge lift was consistent. The cloud ceiling was only about 500' over launch with almost 100% cloud cover. So it was mostly just ridge soaring and some light thermals. In all Joe, Karen, Dennis, Sam, Aaron, Dave and myself got to fly. This was my second flight on my U2 145. My flight lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. Really liking this glider.

Allan B.


G-man, Aron and Sam flew in that order when launchable cycles came.  All sled rides.  Dave was on launch, but the wind was done, so he decided against a launch...that was probably 6pm.  Dennis came to help out on the launch work and launching pilots.  Julie also assisted us.
Before flying we had shovels, rakes and wheelbarrow going to improve the launch with subbase material.  It is better than last year, and can still be improved more.
I enjoyed flying even a sled ride there today...knock the dust off at that site for when it is really soarable.
Thanks for coming out to work and play!
Let's fly soon!

Well holy cow today was the day at Jacks that we've been waiting for!  What a dance in the sky!
It was an all day fest, probably soarable till dark.
You could basically fly from early morning all day long...which Steve did in his PG...like 6 hrs.
HG pilots had upwards of 2 hrs and probably could have went more.
The limiting factor was whether you could hold it or get dehydrated enough to not care anymore  :)
Man, I hope we get more of those type days this fall.

I think my highest was about 450 over.  I think some others may have made 600?  Not sure.
It was overcast today so there wasn't much thermal going on.
Little bits of dips and uplifts on the ridge.  Sometimes a lift line you could work for a few hundred feet out from the ridge for me anyways.  I saw some pilots venturing father out from the ridge and getting some gains now and then.