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Flyable wind direction

  • mountain radial ramp faces NW

  • AT allows launch from any direction

Launch MSL​

  • 2020 ft (1340 AGL)

Glide to LZ  3.5 : 1​

Location Rising Fawn, GA

Launch type FL radial ramp, AT

Rating Requirements

  • H1 training hills

  • H2 mountain launch

  • AT rating for solo aerotow

To fly this site contact

Accommodations at the flight park






Wind Aloft



Post Flight reports


As I remember it. Sunday afternoon at Lookout Mt, our first day, everyone who flew got as much as they wanted and gains to 2k over.  It was a beautiful day with winds 10- 15.

I pretty sure Monday at Henson's gap was the sledder day. Tuesday at Henson's gap was cloudy but 10 - 20 and again, everyone got as much or more than they wanted with gains over 2k... Getting down wasn't easy and it was a bit cold to be at 2k. 

Then we had 3 days of no flying but some of us hiked a good bit. Beautiful hiking at Cloudland canyon just 10 min from Lookout Mt.

Friday (I think it was Friday) on our way home we stopped at Henson's gap again and had a tough time staying up... I think Jim got 15 min and I got 22 min... Which didn't sit well with Jim. 😉 We then drove through the night getting home around 4 am. Those that were there, feel free to correct anything I missed.

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