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Flyable wind direction  WNW

Launch MSL

  • 2300 ft (820 AGL)

Glide to LZ

  • PG LZ 5.5 : 1

  • HG LZ 8:1

Location  Mcconnellsburg, PA

Launch type

  • FL gravel slope and ramps

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

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Winds aloft


Holfuy Weather station

Post-flight reports


I had a good flight at the Pulpit. I stayed up for an hour and a half. Got up to 1600' above launch. Ridge lift was not very consistent and had to work broken lift lines to stay up.
Allan B.


I posted on the CHGPA site around 9:45 AM that I was headed out to the Pulpit. I ended up getting in a flight later in the afternoon. I launched after 3 into about 12 MPH wind. On my GPS I got wind from 16-20 MPG WNW to NW. Good consistent ridge lift made it easy to head south on the ridge. There was only mild turbulence and not much in the way of thermals. I stayed up for an hour and a half. There was some ice on the road up to launch when I got there but not a real problem. I did clear some ice off of the ramp steps. But not a real problem. Here is the link to my flight:

Allan B.


Got to the Pulpit early and set slowly set up after eating breakfast. Then we waited for the wind to pick up. Bacil launched first and I soon followed. Soon after getting up I headed up the ridge to the north east. It was slow going to get around the first corner after that the ridge was facing more perpendicular and I was able to move up the ridge a little faster. I made it almost far enough north east up the ridge to line up with the Raven Haven ridge but I could not penetrate far enough into the strong wind from the altitude I could get up to. After hanging out there for a little I headed back.
Here is the track:
Allan B.

After Allan, Jim and Pat flew next.  Then it was blown out till 4:00 and Barry launched and it was nice, 15mph.  Then I went up on launch and the damned freight trains came again.  It wasn't quite as bad as when Pat launched earlier, but it was approaching that, then a cycle came that was slightly less strong and I was off safely.  Holy cow, good wire crew.  Bacil said Allan pulled down my right wing as I ran becase another gust was lifting it (cycles were like a 3 second lull).
Once up it was nice and lifty.  Actually pretty smooth once 200 over and established and got about 900 over.  Great sunset flight, headed out to land and getting dusk since it was hard to get down even after the sun just set...38 minutes of fun!

So this last Saturday I went to Pulpit. The FC looked perfect and conditions at launch until half past 12 were spot on. Then within 30 minutes everything changed. It kept getting strong and stronger and just insanely strong (+30 mph). 

Me and a few pilots decided to wait it out and around 3 o clock two decided to bag it. Around 3:45 pm I noticed a slight decrease in wind speeds and thought a possible window is opening up so at 4 PM I took it. 

The lift was everywhere over the valley. Didn't even have to fly by the or over the ridge to stay in lift band. Landed almost 10 minutes after the sunset. the S3 Race just takes on those strong winds effortlessly! Such a treat to fly. Fell in love with it the first time I flew it and it just keeps getting better.  

Sharing a little clip from that day.



Saturday Allan and I flew the pulpit. Allan 1/2 hour I think me only 15 min. We soared in light winds. Bacil  was there in his Maverick flight suit but didn’t fly. Another guy Danny I think was there and Rich. We stayed over to go to Woodstock, Sunday we tried to fly Woodstock. It was blown out all day. Even Bacil in his Maverick flight suit didn’t fly.  Will H.


Bacil flew first for a 39 minute flight. Karl and I helped him launch. I launched after 3:00 in lighter conditions with Bacil's help. It was crossing from the left WSW and the ridge had lift on it but it was a bit marginal. The ridge lift to the right of launch in the bowl and the ridge facing west was very consistent and smooth. That area of the Pulpit's ridge handles WSW very well. For first part of my flight it was completely cloud covered  but later the sun came out and thermals started to come through. I got up to 1200' over launch in a light thermal. Allan B.

11/5/23 Here is a link to my flight today at the Pulpit. I hope it works. I got up to 5200' MSL There were three places that were tough. The rest of the flight was relatively easy. Getting onto the ridge north of launch was the first difficult place. Crossing over the turnpike was the second difficult place. And then getting onto the Ravens Haven ridge was the most difficult. I ended up with 4 hours in the air and had a nice landing at the main Ravens Haven landing field. 80.3 km. Allan B.


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