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Flyable wind direction  ENE WSW

Location 298 McEvoy Rd, New Braintree, MA 01531

Launch type  AT

Rating Requirements

  • instruction available for new pilots

  • AT skill

Site restrictions

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Winds aloft


Post Flight Repots

Today was in fact very good at Tanner-Hiller, though not necessarily better than a couple of other days I've had there this summer. Towed up at 2 PM, the initial climb that Rhett dropped me in was okay, but I lost it, and was down around 1000 feet AGL when I found some air over the sandpit that was averaging zero. I scratched there for nine minutes until it turned on, then gained 3800 feet in 10 minutes. The strongest lift according to my vario was 1140 fpm; my GPS calls it 666 fpm over a 12-second average. Cloudbase was about 5800 when I was up there (and I... umm... got a bit higher than that...). Woz was up a little later than I was and said that it was 100-200 feet higher, though I have limited trust in our instruments at that level of precision. There was a lot of cloud coverage, enough to make you think that the lift might be shut down, but at least one of the big dark clouds we were flying under was quite sucky (in a good way).
JJ Cote

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