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Flyable wind direction: WSW - WNW


Launch type: FL

Rating Requirements

  • P2, H2 with 20+ flying hours

  • Restricted Landing Field (RLF)Endorsement Required

To fly this site contact

Camping and hotel options





Wind Aloft


Post Flight reports


Woke up at BW at 8am, nursed the campfire wounds for a bit with lots of coffee and got around to go down to Tater Hill.

George and I went up to launch and it was flyable at 11AM at BW.  It was hard to leave BW, but I got relatives around Boone NC so decided to go down to Tater which is about 8 mile north of Boone.

Got up to Tater LZ and walked it with Bubba Goodman the launch owner.

Bubba took us up to launch with his Suburban.

He flew PG and I flew HG together about 6:15 PM.  Bubba got up and I had an extended slender.

Wow what a site Tater is!  I'm coming back here for more someday.

It is a flatslope launch.  With wind it would have been fine.  I launched in 4 mph wind and had to run 50 feet till I got going...holy crap! I'm a gimpy now with a pulled hamstring but I got off safety!

The mountains are beautiful.  It reminds me of Hyner in a way.  There are all these side slopes bowls and points to work the lift.  Today wasn't the day at the sledder time of day...but there is potential here to have a blast.  It is 2000' above the lz.

The vegetation on top is stunted, wind blown looking you see in high coastal areas like the Cabot Trail in PEI or something.

Bubba got us the OK to camp at the lz.  Couple beers in and loving the day.


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