Flyable wind direction  NW NE SW

Launch MSL

  • 3200 ft (1250 AGL)

Glide to LZ

  • NE LZ 5:1

  • NW LZ 4.5 : 1

  • SW LZ 5.9 : 1

Location  Stamford NY

Launch type

  • FL shallow slope on NW, SW launches

Rating Requirements

  • H3 P3 for NE launch

  • H4 recommended for NW and SW launches

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I ended up going to Uts.  It was ODing on the drive there and by 12:30 when I arrived it was overcast.  I could see on the satellite that this had happened over a broad area of southeast NY and NEPA, but there were also some signs that it might improve. I did some site work while waiting and met Vlad from E-ville who had ridden his motorcycle up from New Paltz to check out Uts.  By 3:30 it had improved enough to tempt me to set up and take a crack at 10,000'.  Launching a little after 4:00, it was going to be too late to bother with XC, so I made it a goal to just take it to base.  I had to work through some areas of weaker climb but the other than those spots the ride up was quick.  I reached base  at 10'642' around 4:50.  The clouds and sun to the east looked fantastic, but heading downwind so late would have been a big inconvenience for Jenny and the family, so I stayed local under increasingly overcast skies and landed at 6:15 under complete overcast, then hiked up. The skies to the east still looked good.

I've been to 10K in the east only twice before (many years ago) and both times it was just a little over 10K.  I didn't have recording instruments then but my Peet Brothers altimeter had me in the 10's over 10K, and I know I've never cracked 10,100' before, so this flight was an eastern altitude personal best.