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Flyable wind direction  NW (310)

Launch MSL

  • 1900 ft (1100 AGL)

Glide to LZ  5.5 : 1

Location  Woodstock VA

Launch type

  • FL slot

Rating Requirements

  • H2 P2 with observer

To fly this site contact

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Winds aloft


Holfuy Weather Station

Post-flight reports


Allan B.


Allan B.


Well, the Woodstock adventure panned out.  About 10 pilots showed up and I think everyone soared for quite a while.
The wind was just strong enough to help you along the ridge till finding a bump up.  Once up there was lots of lift pockets to be found and corresponding sink to be evaded.
Fun day to try out another site for the first time!  Will say this.. the drive of 4+ hours sucked...but the flying was well worth it!
Let's fly soon!


Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the holidays. I had a blast today, +2 hour flight at Woodstock. Outflew everyone "PG and HG". Only came down cause I wasn't layered up right.

I haven't adjusted for daylight saving. 

Took off just after 1:35 PM.



I got in a 25 min. flight. JIm F got in two flights. Bill S. got in a sledder. Louis got in a sledder. Rob and Mike L went to the Pulpit with Basil. I'm waiting to see how they did. There are some really good local pilots  here.  R.Slebodnik


Natalie and I were visiting family in Va. last week and decided to stop by Woodstock on the way home Friday. Bacil was already in the air for an hour, pretty sure he flew for 2-1/2 hrs. Launched two pilots, Seth and Alex, then waited a bit for conditions to mellow. Was rewarded with a beautiful sunset flight in smooth ridge to about 800 over. Watched the sun set over West Virginia (Stunning!), waited for Seth to touch down and went in for a nice landing. Bacil, Seth, his mother Amy, Natalie and I headed to Woodstock brewery for eats and suds. Kitchen was closed but the beer was flowing, Bacil shared his (chicken) wings with us, and then we raided the snacks we had hidden in our vehicles Mission accomplished, our bellies were full and we all had a slightly euphoric sensation!  Thanks Bacil, Natalie and Alex for the assist on launch, and Joe Shad for sticking around to help launches and offer site info. Doug and Natalie.


As Bari said, Saturday the 28th was a great day at Woodstock. 

It was a warm, lovely day, and the conditions were light with four to five miles per hour W- NW winds and a few thermal gusts up to 10 mph. 

Despite light conditions, we mostly stayed 1000 feet above the ridge, and we found some nice thermals, and some took us up to almost 4k.

We both self-launched, and it was fun flying with the paraglider pilots.

If interested, here is my launch and short video (thanks Bruce).

Lastly, check Bari’s perfect launch and  (PG) Tom's video, and I must say that Tom is a fantastic pilot and a joy to watch. 


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